Faculty Directory

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bradley shavit artson (img)

Bradley Shavit Artson

VP, Abner & Roslyn Goldstine Dean’s Chair, Ziegler School

Lecturer in Philosophy

Ext: 257


Miki Baumgarten

Lecturer in Psychology

Ext: 515

michael berenbaum 9/29/14

Michael Berenbaum

Director of Sigi Ziering Institute Professor of Jewish Studies

Ext: 576

nina bieber feinstein

Nina G. Bieber Feinstein , Rabbi

Lecturer in Rabbinics

Ext: 511

mark bookman (img)

Mark Bookman , J.D.

Professor of Business and Law

Ext: 271

richard camras

Richard Camras , Rabbi, MHL

Lecturer of Practical Rabbinic Studies

Ext: 511

aryeh cohen

Aryeh Cohen

Professor of Rabbinic Literature

Ext: 262


William B Cohen

Lecturer in Education

Ext: 511

janet sternfield davis picture

Janet Sternfeld Davis , B.A.

Lecturer in Rabbinic Studies

elliot dorff

Elliot Dorff , Rabbi, PhD

Rector, Sol & Anne Dorff Distinguished Service Professor in Philosophy

Ext: 255

ed feinstein

Edward Feinstein

Lecturer in Rabbinics

Ext: 511

patricia fenton

Patricia L. Fenton , Rabbi

Yoetzet Limudei Rabbanut, Ziegler School;

Manager of Judaica and Public Services, Ostrow Library

Ext: 518

ted fickel

Theodore E Fickel, PhD

Lecturer in Chemistry

Ext: 464

pinchas giller 9/29/14

Pinchas Giller , PhD

Jean and Harvey z"l Powell Professor

Ext: 550

brian goldberg

Brian David Goldberg, PhD

Lecturer, Politics and Global Studies Department

Ext: 510

daniel grassian picture

Daniel Grassian

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Ext: 502

Debbie Green

Assistant Dean, Graduate School of Nonprofit Management

adam greenwald pic

Adam Greenwald

Director, Miller Introduction to Judaism Program

ilana grinblat

Ilana B Grinblatt , Rabbi

Lecturer in Rabbinic Studies

Ext: 511

david groshoff

David Groshoff

Chair, Business; Associate Professor.

Ext: 206


Sarah Har-Shalom

Lecturer in Hebrew

Ext: 263

michael hoff

Michael Hoff

Lecturer in Strategic Planning and Program Evaluation


Elizabeth Jordan

Lecturer in Biology

Ext: 511


Sue Kapitanoff , Ph.D.

Chair, Behavior Sciences; Chair, Liberal Studies; Associate Professor

Ext: 295

armen crop

Armen Kocharian, PhD

Lecturer in Physics

Ext: 256

gail labovitz

Gail Labovitz , PhD

Associate Professor of Rabbinics

Ext: 525

michel lemberger

Michal Lemberger

Lecturer, Literature, Communication and Media


Candice Levy

Lecturer in Rabbinic Studies


Baruch Link , PhD

Adjunct Associate Professor in Hebrew

Ext: 263

John Magoulas

Lecturer in Advanced Fundraising

michael morozov

Mikhail Morozov

Lecturer in Mathematics

Ext: 511

tim o'connor

Tim O'Connor

Lecturer in Tai-Chi

Ext: 511

lois oppenheim

Lois Hecht Oppenheim , PhD

Co-Chair Political Science Department, Professor of Political Science

Ext: 519

henrik palasani-minassians

Henrik Palasani-Minassians, PhD

Lecturer in Political Science

Ext: 511

rabbi cheryl peretz 10-22-13

Cheryl Peretz , Rabbi

Associate Dean, Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies, Lecturer in Practical Rabbinics

Ext: 213


Rich Potter

Chair, Literature, Communication & Media; Assistant Professor

Ext: 269


Tom Prieto

Lecturer in Business

Ext: 511

marc purchin

Marc Purchin

Lecturer in Organizational Behavior/Conflict Resolution and Negotiation


Joel E. Rembaum , Rabbi

Lecturer in History

lucy rimalower img

Lucy Rimalower

Adjunct Faculty, Educational Psychology


Mira Rosenthal

Lecturer in Hebrew

Ext: 263

dan rothblatt

Dan Rothblatt

Lecturer in Introduction to Fundraising/Special Topics: Annual Giving/Planned Giving

yael saidoff

Yael Saidoff , Rabbi

Adjunct Faculty, Jewish Studies


Stephan D. Schuster , Ph.D.

Lecturer in Business


Zorica Scuric, PhD

Lecturer in Biochemistry & Genetics

Ext: 511

robbie totten picture

Robbie Totten

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Ext: 421

mark tsang

Mark C. Tsang , PhD

Lecturer, Organic Chemistry

Ext: 511

gerald wacker

Gerald J. Wacker, PhD

Adjunct Assistant Professor ; Lecturer in Non-Profit Management

Ext: 511


Seth I Weintraub

Lecturer in Advanced Budget and Finance/Managment Accounting and Budgeting

Ext: 511


Rhoda Weisman

Dean, Graduate School in Nonprofit Management

Ext: 259

ron wolfson new

Ron Wolfson , Ph.D.

Fingerhut Professor of Education

Ext: 293

sivan zakiai

Sivan Zakai, Ph.D.

Director of Israel Education Initiatives and Assistant Professor of Education

Ext: 526

ziony zevit

Ziony Zevit , PhD

Distinguished Professor in Bible Northwest Semitic Languages

Ext: 266


Era Zwickel

Lecturer in Hebrew