Hunger Awareness Week at AJU

             Imagine if we had enough food in the world to end hunger….WE DO!
             AJU faculty, students, and staff presented a series of educational and inspirational programs on hunger awareness during the second week of November. This event was spearheaded by two of our own college seniors, Hannah Bernstein (LCM) and Kimmie Duenas (LCM/Poli Sci), both Bend the Arc Jeremiah Fellows committed to social justice. Each day of the week had a compelling theme.
             Monday was dedicated to the question, What is Hunger? The university’s lobby was festooned with material generating much conversation. Rabbi Aryeh Cohen of AJU’s Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies addressed the issue during lunch time, and in the evening students were given the challenge of buying a healthy meal for $1.50 – the approximate allowance per meal on a food-stamp budget.
             Tuesday’s topic was The Politics of Food, and the afternoon speaker was American Jewish World Service Coordinator, Alison Lee. In the evening students attended a screening and discussion of the movie, Food Inc.
             Wednesday focused on Jewish Imperatives and Justice which included a lunch discussion with students from AJU’s Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies. That evening students participated in making sandwiches for the homeless.
             The week culminated on Thursday evening with a World Food Banquet which demonstrated the disparity in the amount and quality of food available to the poor, middle class, and the wealthy.
             Along with Bernstein and Duenas, the success of Hunger Awareness Week was made possible with the support of Brittany Domb (LCM 2013); Professors Miriyam Glazer, Ph.D., and Lois Oppenheim, Ph.D.; Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs, Ellen Weiss Phelps, Ph.D.; and Assistant Dean for Student Affairs–Residence Life, Jacob Gown, MAED.