Aldo Casanova was born in San Francisco, California in 1929. He received his Ph.D. degree from Ohio State University in 1957. He has been an Assistant Professor of Art at Antioch College in Ohio and Scripps College in California as well as an Assistant Professor of Sculpture at Temple University in Philadelphia. He tries to unite two separate elements into a new whole in doing so he demands that his sculptures capture the true essence of individuality and the power it possesses as a totally new object. His bronze totems demand our attention because of their intrinsic nature and distinctive character found in sculpture.

This bronze column, standing 9 feet high, employs the ancient oriental Yin- Yang as the predominant element in its configuration. Each side of the column contains one half of the sculptural symbol which interlocks at its center. To describe this piece, Casanova states, "Juncture represents the union of opposites. It conveys the universal balance which gives life meaning and stability. For every phenomenon in the universe, there is another one which is complementary and stabilizing. The balance created is the life force without which all would be chaotic. My sculpture attempts to convey the immutable presence of the life force which some call God."

Esther Robles Gallery, New York
Santa Barbara Museum, Santa Barbara, California
Pennsylvania Academy Annual, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Smithsonian Institution, New Acquisitions, New York
Whitney Museum of Art, New York