Mission Statement



We believe in the principle of Torah Li’Sh’mah-Learning as an Intellectual and Inspirational Endeavor-that embraces both academic scholarship and the efforts of all Jews to explore their shared heritage through the formal and informal study of Judaism and the other great civilizations of the world.

CULTURE   תרבות

We acknowledge that Judaism is a flourishing civilization with a culture that is fundamental to modern Jewish identity. We strive to advance that culture by encouraging artistic endeavor in all of its many forms.

ETHICS   קדושה

We recognize that ethics is the language of Judaism and its most important link to the world at large.

LEADERSHIP   מנהיגות

We understand that the future of Jewish life depends on the careful preparation of dedicated and impassioned individuals who are called to leadership.


We are a pluralistic institution that embraces diversity within Judaism and values the contributions of all groups to the growth of Jewish Civilization.


אי-אפשר לבית מדרש בלי חידוש
Education demands innovation...
–Talmud, Hagigah


AJULA - 2 campuses, 1 vision


The University of Judaism and the Brandeis-Bardin Institute united to form American Jewish University (AJU), thereby creating a complete spectrum of intellectual and experiential connections to Jewish Culture.

AJU now serves as a resource for individuals, of every stage of life, in the exploration of their distinct voice and identity as Jews.

Both Brandeis-Bardin Institute and the University of Judaism have always shared the core values of learning and scholarship, culture, ethics, leadership, and peoplehood. Together, as AJU, they move forward as one of the largest and most innovative Jewish institutions in the country.