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Hunger Awareness Week at AJU

      Imagine if we had enough food in the world to end hunger...WE DO!
      AJU faculty, students, and staff presented a series of educational and inspirational programs on hunger awareness during the second week of November. This event was spearheaded by two of our own college seniors, Hannah Bernstein (LCM) and Kimmie Duenas (LCM/Poli Sci), both Bend the Arc Jeremiah Fellows committed to social justice. Each day of the week had a compelling theme.


Are you Passing Life’s Tests?

             We all know that stories in the Torah are layered with meanings yet we often cannot understand how they are significant to our lives. Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson, Dean of American Jewish University's Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies, is known widely for making Torah relevant to our current lives and is considered by the eminent Rabbi Harold Kushner to be "one of the most insightful and articulate rabbis of his generation." 
             Artson's latest book, Passing Life's Tests: Spiritual Reflections on The Trial of Abraham, The Binding of Isaac offers new wisdom into what may be the most agonizing narrative in the bible and stuns us with its relevance to our own personal difficulties.
             Rabbi David Wolpe, the spiritual leader of Sinai Temple in Los Angeles, says that the book, "takes Abraham's test and, through personal testimony and deep learning, teaches all of us crucial lessons about faith, learning, and love."


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