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Dr. Michael Berenbaum -
Around the World in 180 Days.

       "Where in the world is Michael Berenbaum today?" Dr. Berenbaum, Director of AJU's Sigi Ziering Institute and international authority on the Holocaust, is in constant demand worldwide. Between January and the end of July this year alone, Dr. Berenbaum will have made presentations in Macedonia, Mexico, Israel, and Poland.

Rabbi Elliot Dorff         In February, Dr. Berenbaum spoke at three different venues in Mexico City. He gave an overview of the Holocaust to an audience of 1,500 students and scholars at Anahuac Catholic University, where most of those attending knew little, if anything, about this dark chapter in history. Then he spoke to a crowd of almost a thousand people at a Conservative synagogue about the meaning of the Holocaust as it moves from living memory to an historical event. Dr. Berenbaum also addressed students from four Jewish High Schools, to whom he explained why it is important that they remember the Holocaust.

       March found Dr. Berenbaum in Macedonia launching and signing his latest book, The Jews in Macedonia during WWII, which has been published in English and Macedonian. Last year, he led the international creative team responsible for the conceptual, intellectual, and historical development of the Macedonian Holocaust Memorial Center, which held a special opening in March 2011; the full museum is scheduled to open in 2013.


Jewish Culture Brought to Life
at Camp Alonim and BCI

       American Jewish University is unique in that it serves as a resource for individuals of all ages in the exploration of their Jewish identity. Two such programs for children and young adults, Alonim and BCI (Brandeis Collegiate Institute), take place on the beautiful Brandeis campus, located in the foothills of the Santa Susanna Mountains.

       Camp Alonim is a dynamic Jewish experience brought to life through Jewish culture, social action, and nature. For its nearly 60 summers at our Brandeis-Bardin Campus outside Simi Valley, Camp Alonim has instilled in its campers a passionate love for Jewish culture, a sense of responsibility to the community at large, and the confidence that comes from the unique experience of Jewish camping. Parents see the impact that an Alonim summer has on their children - as one parent raved after last summer, "my son came home happy, confident, and full of enthusiasm. It was clear that this was an unforgettable experience...."


Alumna Alisha Pedowitz MBA, MAEd

Kimmi's photoAlisha Pedowitz graduated from American Jewish University in 2008 with an MAEd, with a Concentration in Experiential Education from the Graduate Center for Education, and an MBA from the Graduate School of Nonprofit Management, where she developed a thorough understanding of the theories and practice of business management.

Today she is utilizing her full spectrum of skills as the Director of Operations of Brawerman Elementary School East - Wilshire Boulevard Temple, which opened this school year. In addition, Alisha is striving to launch her brainchild Embracing Wholiness, a curriculum which explores issues of body, self image, and identity formation in the context of community.