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A Cultural Identity



September 7 - December 21, 2014


Opening Reception: Sunday September 21
3:00 - 5:00p.m.


And all the skilled workers spun with their own hands, and they brought what they had spun in blue, purple and crimson yarns and in fine linen.
Exodus 35:25

ARTISTS: Andi Arnovitz, Vicki Reikes Fox,
Naomi Wanjiku Gakunga, Connie Rohman, Gwen Samuels
Concurrent exhibit at the Lowy-Winkler Family Rare Book Center, Ostrow Library
  Fine Arts Council Member Exhibition A Fine Affair    

American Jewish University
Platt / Borstein Galleries

August 10 - August 28, 2014


Opening Reception:

Sunday, August 10 3 - 5p m


This exhibition highlights the artistic talents of the members of
The Fine Arts Council of the American Jewish University

  Fine Arts Council Member Exhibition A Fine Affair  

With a special exhibition of the paintings of
Mary Leipziger in the Borstein Gallery.


Treasuring Treasures

American Jewish University
Marjorie & Herman Platt / Borstein Gallery
MAY 11 - JULY 27, 2014


Borislav Bogdanovich
Dave Fox
Tibor Gergely
Peter Krasnow
Greta Schreyer

Opening Reception:

Sunday, June 8th
3 - 5 PM


Join us at 3:00 pm for a reading of The Goldsmith's Daughter by Linda Schreyer. A discussion of legacy artists with Peter Frank, art critic, curator, and contributor to the Huffington Post, and Georgia Freedman-Harvey AJU Exhibition Curator.
Concurrent exhibit at the AJU Ostrow Library highlights the rabbinic wisdom found in the Pirke Avot and the tapestries of Philip Ratner.

Self Portrait, Tibor Gergely C.1928, Hungary
Oil on Canvas

Curator: Georgia Freedman-Harvey

Concurrent exhibit at AJU in the Ostrow Library The Human Form in the Bible

The Fine Arts Council of the American Jewish University  


Marjorie & Herman Platt Gallery/ Borstein Gallery
January 12 - March 23, 2014

Interpreting The Human Form

RECEPTION: SUNDAY, JANUARY 19, 3:00 - 5:00 pm

Curator: Georgia Freedman-Harvey
Co-Curator: Erella Teitler

Concurrent exhibit at AJU in the Ostrow Library
The Human Form in the Bible

The Fine Arts Council of the American Jewish University


September 29 - December 15, 2013
Sacred Spaces Joshua Abarbanel, Jean Edelstein, Peachy Levy, Sue Ann Robinson, Corrie Siegel, Doni Silver Simons
In collaboration with: Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion/LA and USC Hillel


June 2 - August 25, 2013




Patterns, Symbols, Codes/Understanding Culture & Identity
January 13, 2013 - May 13, 2013

September 23, 2012 - December 16, 2012

ABSTRACT - "expressing ideas and emotions through color and line"
October 16,2011- February 3,2012

February 19 - May 18, 2012

Celebrating Pacific Standard Time 1945-1980
October 16,2011- February 3,2012
This exhibit highlights the unique contribution of Jewish artists in southern California
during the post World War II era. These artists work in a variety of media and subj ect
matter from landscape to human figure to architecture.

Getting It Together
May 5-August 14, 2011
Using a variety of mediums and materials, including found objects, Freyda Miller, Daveed Shwartz, and Nancy Kay Turner magically transform them into works of art.

The Rashi Effect: Artist as Commentator
December 12-April 10, 2011
Kate Alkarni, Melinda Smith Altshuler, Bill Aron, Madeleine Avirov, Elizabeth Bloom, Bruria Finkel, Shelley Gazin, Susan Gesundheit, Marcie Kaufman, Nancy Goodman Lawrence, Eileen Levinson, Laurel Paley, Doni Silver Simons, Debra Sokolow, Ruth Weisberg.

Beyond the Camera
August 29-November 21, 2010
Photographic work by Susan Berkowitz, Marcie Kaufman, Tamar Lando, and Sammy Silberstein.

Uncommon Threads

May 10-July 14, 2010
Fiber as fine art exploits the use of texture, color and shape.  Cathy Breslaw, Lois Z. Brooks, Leah Danberg, Rosalie Friis-Ross, Merrill Morrison, Norman Sherfield, Deborah Weir.

Body and Soul
January 31-April 28, 2010
An exhibition of contemporary realist paintings.
Kathryn Jacobi, Margaret Lazzari, Galya Pillin Tarmu.


The  L.A. Story
October 25-January 20, 2010
Impact of place and the search for artistic community among artists who share a religious, cultural, and spiritual heritage. 
Bill Aron, Pat Berger, Tony Berlant, Joyce Dallal, Sam Erenberg, Bonita Helmer, Victor Raphael, Elena Mary Siff, Ruth Weisberg, Eugene Yelchin.

Flights of Fancy
August 16-October 14, 2009
Dori Atlantis and Karen Frimkess Wolff collaborate on a series of site specific installations.  Intimate paintings are aglow with color by Ruth Lercher Bornstein.
Anita Segalman produces realistic lino-cut images and lino-cut prints.

Remembrance/Yom Hashoah
April 19-July 9, 2009
Featuring the work of Bill Aron, Carol Inez Charney, Ruth Snyder and Mitzi Trachtenberg.

Like Water on Rock
February 27-April 6, 2009
The Platt/Borstein Galleries hosts a juried exhibit from Jewish Women Artists' Network (JWAN) which includes paintings, sculptures, collages, drawings, photography, videos and installations by artists from across the United States.  Linda Arreola, Ruth Askren, Madeleine Avirov, Helene Aylon, Carol Buchman, Emily Corbato, Anne Doris-Eisen, Harriet Finck, Karen Frostig, Teresa Gale, Sari Gilbert-Batchelor, Fay Grajower, Beth Haber, Katherine Janus Kahn, Rachel Kanter, Julie Klaper, Wendy Sue Lamm, Elaine Langerman, Aline Mare, Freyda Miller, Priscilla Otani, Margaret Parker, Roxanne Phillips, Cindy Rinne, Launa Romoff, Dawn Saks, Masha Schweitzer, Margaret Silverman, Simone Sultan, Marian Yap.

Kaleidoscope of Color
December 7-February 15, 2009
Anna Silver’s clay pieces echo classical Greek shapes as they expand in new directions.  William Tunberg revives wood marquetry.

Art and Advocacy
August 17-November 23, 2008
The biting political and social commentary of Mariona Barkus, Sheila Pinkel, and Joe Ravetz.

The Natural World, Diverse Perspective
May 25-July 20, 2008
Caroyl LaBarge, photographer, Bea Mego, sculptor, and painters, Roxanne Norman and Dale Weiss explore dramatic and tranquil views of nature through their chosen media.

Women in Space
February 24-May 10, 2008
A mixed media exhibition featuring the art of Diane Destiny, Merrilyn Duzy and Norma Jean Squires.

California Art
December 2-February 10, 2008
Selections from the Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation.  The Foundation was established in 1982 with the mission to foster enthusiasm for art by making the collection physically and intellectually accessible to a wide audience. The Foundation, which contains over one thousand works, continues under the able direction of Billie Milam Weisman.

Go Figure
September 30-November 11, 2007
Small scale sculptures by Annette Bird and Dan Van Clapp
are expanded in many directions.

Voices from the Pacific Rim: Asian-American Ceramists
June 3-August 19, 2007
This group of eight artists working in Southern California can claim roots in the clay traditions of China, Japan, Korea and Thailand melded with an American sensibility.  Patrick Shia Crabb, Keiko Fukazawa, Joanne Hayakawa, Mary Ichino, Yoochung Park Kim, Eleanor Komai, Porntip Sangvanich, Joan Takayama-Ogawa.

Jewish Themes in the Art of Polish Posters after WWII
February 25-May 27, 2007
Polish posters 1950-the present.

Constructivism and Metaphor
December 3-February 18, 2007
Jason Hugger paints found objects as still life. This is his first show after a tour of duty in Iraq.  Les Perhacs begins with a simple geometric form cut and re-assembled to suggest motion, like growth by cell division.

Ink and Idea
August 27-November 19, 2006
Los Angeles Printmaking Society (LAPS) presents works from artist around the United States.  Printmaking processes such as relief blocks, intaglio blocks, lithograph stones, digital image processing, wood carvings, silkscreen photogravure, dry point, chine colle and gicle with zerox are represented.  Juried show- Val Akula, Dinah Cross James, Pam DeLaura, Dona J. Geib, Eric Goldberg, R. J. Gray Jr., John Greco, Jean Gumpper, Yeung Ha, Nancy Jo Haselbacher, Martine Heraud, Yuji Hiratsuka, Mariko Ishii, Gail Jacobs, Barbara L. Johnson, Kathlee Kuster King, Anthony Lazorko, Linda Lyke, Janet MacKaig, Melissa Meredith, Natalia Moroz, Thomas Nawrocki, Karen Neubert, Makiko Okamoto, Belle Osipow, Endi Poskovic, John Powers, Eleanor Rappe, Masha Schweitzer, Roxanne Sexauer, Mary Sherwood, Toro Sugita, Zolita Sverdlove, Noriho Uriu, Cathy Weiss, Joyce Weiss.


Song of Songs: An Illuminated Manuscript
May 22-August 20, 2006
Debra Band illuminates and calligraphies' this bible passage on leaves of kosher slunk vellum with intensely hued gouache, gold, palladium and copper leaf.


Scream the Truth at the World: Emanuel Ringelblum and the Hidden Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto
February 19-May 7, 2006
In 1939 historian Emanuel Ringelblum gathered a few dozen Polish Jews to document Jewish life in Nazi occupied Poland.  Reports on deportation and accounts of murders of Jews as well as ghetto artifacts, photos, art, children’s essays and children’s art were collected from September 1939 to January 1943.  These items were buried in several containers in several locations.  On Sept. 18, 1946 some of the containers were retrieved and the contents are now on exhibit.

Mixed Media
December 4-February 12, 2006
Lorel Cornman, Betty Green, Nancy Goodman Lawrence.

Nancy Mooslin/Joyce Weiss
September 11-November 23, 2005


Artists of the Fine Arts Council
July 24-September 11, 2005
Pat Berger, Geri Bieber, Annette Bird, Elizabeth Bloom, Nita Corinblit, Jack Flier, Sidi Gluck, Harvey Jordan, Anita Klebanoff, Beverly Kurtz, Elaine Levin, Lnda Levy, Joyce Lieberman, Judy Miller, Gloria Moses, Herman Platt, David Rose, Masha Schweitzer, Joe Young.

Polish Jewry Before WWII
May 8-July 17, 2005
Photographs by Roman Vishniac of Jews living in shtetls and villages throughout Eastern Europe 1932-1939.  Jacob Riis records with photographs tenement life in New York of newly arrived Jewish immigrants from Poland 1890-1915.  Arnold Eagle chronicled a disappearing culture of Orthodox Jews in New York during the Great Depression.  A Cracow album is a series of photographs bringing us views of pre WWII sophisticated urban Jewish community life.



Hued and Hewn
February 20-April 29, 2005
Sensuous hues in Arthur Secunda compositions radiate in his representations of nature, the land and its forms.  Hy Farber’s larger than life sculptures of laminated polished plywood form people, animal and wry humor.

Eye of the Camera, Five Viewpoints
December 5-February 13, 2005
Irene Fertik, Claudia Kunin, Nancy Kaye, Aline Smithson, Peter Handwerker.

Transformations Artists’ Books
September 12-November 24, 2004
Terry Braunstein, Gloria Helfgott, Pia Pizzo, Sue Ann Robinson, Genie Shenk, Elena Siff and Beth Thielen transform the traditional concept of the book as linear narrative into interactive creations of many surprising shapes.  These may be as small in size as a two inch cube or as large as a room installation and assume a wide range of intricate sculptural forms.

June 6-September 3, 2004
Joyce Cutler-Shaw shows us linear explorations of the human body.  Denice Bartels’ works are idealistic tonal drawings that recall of Greek and Roman myths.


The Moriah Haggadah
March 21-May 23, 2004
Avner Moriah creates a contemporary illuminated manuscript from an ancient Hebrew text.  Calligraphy by Izzy Pludwinski.

Up Close and Impersonal
January 25-March 14, 2004
Gary Brewer, Roger Marshutz, Richard Parker, David Schoffman.


The Mikvah Project
October 26-January 18, 2004
For thousands of years the Mikvah or ritual bath has been a place where Jewish women go to fulfill a religious duty and rejuvenate the spirit.  This exhibits recounts stories of mothers and single women, orthodox and secular, breast cancer survivors, and brides through photographs by Janice Rubin and Leah Lax.

Face to Face
May 4-July 3, 2003
Portraits – Elizabeth Bloom, Ethel Fisher, Barbara Leventhal-Stern.

Yom HaShoah
February 23-April 13, 2003
Viviana Lombrozo- Installation; Nancy Kaye Turner – Painter; Ben Golden – Photographer.


The Chai Show: Eighteenth Anniversary of the Platt Gallery
December 15-February 9, 2003
Lita Albuquerque, Kalmon Aron, Beth Bachenheimer, Max Band, Mariona Barkus, Leonard Baskin, Deanne Belinoff, Gilad Ben-Artzi, Pat Berger, Ron Blumberg, Nick Boskovich, Lorraine Bubar, Sidney Chafetz, Philip Cornelius, Patrick S. Crabb, Kasia Czerpak-Weglinski, Boris Deutsch, Lucille Dratler, Barbara Drucker, Merrilyn Duzy, Jean Edelstein, Sy Edelstein, Sam Erenberg, Hy Farber, Max Finkelstein, Tom S. Fricano, Dwora Fried, Candice Gawne, Ted Gilien, Sylvia Glass, Baila Goldenthal, Carol Goldmark, Norman Gollin, Boris Gorelick, Margaret Handwerker, Wayne Alaniz Healy, Mayde Meiers Herberg, Gilah Yelin Hirsch, Channa Horwitz, Martin Isaacson, Ursula M. Kammer-Fox, Soonja Oh Kim, Karla Klarin, Karen Koblitz, Eva Kolosvary-Stupler, Mildred Kouzel, Yehoshua Kovarsky, Peter Krasnow, Julie Lavee, Deborah Lefkowitz, Maddy Le Mel, Shirley Levine, Gloria Longval, Judith Margolis, Roger Marschutz, Susanna Meiers, Barbara Mendes, Bernard Mendoza, Jackie Nach, Jerry Novorr, Belle Osipow, Ann Page, Laurel Paley, Patrick Percy, Annemarie Rawlinson, Thea Robertshaw, David Roesler, Frank Romero, Nancy Romero, David Rose, Ruth Rossman, Marleene Rubenstein, Suzanne Rubin, Peggy Schaps, Anne Scheid, Ruth  Schrier, Arthur Secunda, Sylvia Shap, Peter Shire, Julius Shulman, Rena Small, Ruth C. Snyder, Norma Jean Squires, Zolita Sverdlove, Arthur  Szyk, Matthew Thomas, Carol Tolin, Carrie Ungerman, Linda Vallejo, Joan Vaupen, Pavel Vogler, Pat Warner, Don Weinstein, Ruth Weisberg, Frank J. Williams, Ursula Wolf-Rottkay, Eugene Yelchin, Joseph Young, Harriet Zeitlin, Jack. M. Zoltak.


Wayne Alaniz Healy: 25 Years of Graphics, Self-Help and Friends
October 6-December 8, 2002
“Serigraphy, etching, monosilkscreen and lithography were my collaborators for this exhibit. It is the artist’s job to optimize the collaboration so that the resulting image dazzles the retina and thrills the soul.” WAH

Archetypal Allusions
July 21-September 29, 2002
Lorraine Bubar, Suvan Geer, Mayde Herberg, Susanna Meiers, Freda Nessim, Anne Scheid.

From Europe to the Golden State
April 21-June 30, 2002
Painting, drawings, and tapestries from artists Kasia Czerpak-Weglinski, Margaret Handwerker, Michael Iofin, Pavel Vogler.  These works are influenced by political and social change in their countries of origin as well as their connections to the world art scene.

Material Concerns: Poetry in Space

February 10-April 14, 2002
Barbara Drucker, Maddy Le Mel, Ann Page, Carrie Ungerman.

Art and Illusion
December 2-February 3, 2002
Selections from the Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation.  The Foundation was established in 1982 with the mission to foster enthusiasm for art by making the collection physically and intellectually accessible to a wide audience. The Foundation, which contains over one thousand works, continues under the able direction of Billie Milam Weisman.

Night and Day in L.A.
September 16-November 18, 2001
Kalmon Aron, David Rose, Zolita Sverdlove.



Point of View: Works by Five Artist-photographers
July 8-September 9, 2001
Olivia Barrionuevo, Norman Gollin, Martin Isaacson, Suzanne Rubin, Don Weinstein.

Dreams and Reality
April 29-July 1, 2001
Chuck Huang , Hiroko Momii, Thea Robertshaw, Denise Satter, Theodore Svenningsen, Linda Vallejo.




From Generation to Generation: A Photographic Essay on Orthodox Jewish Communities in America
February 18-April 22, 2001
The photography of Bernard Mendoza.

Assembled Allegories
December 17-February 11, 2001
Eva Kolosvary-Stupler, Annemarie Rawlinson, Joan Vaupen.

Arthur Szyk: Artist for Freedom
September 24-December 3, 2000
An accomplished painter known for his detailed miniature works, a prolific book illustrator and cartoonist, a creator of illuminated manuscripts and a proud Jew who captures the struggles of his people during one of the most tragic times in world history. Born in Poland 1894, moved to United Kingdom 1937, moved to the United States 1940.

Natura Naturata
July 16-September 10, 2000
Pat Berger and Harriet Zeitlin.



Transformations: The Nature of Abstraction
May 14- July 9, 2000
Tom S. Fricano has created a formidable panorama of found materials and objects in his exploration of the territory of abstraction over 40 years of work.

Yom Hashoah
March 26-May 7, 2000
Ursula M. Kammer-Fox, Barbara Milman, Jackie Nach, Marleene Rubenstein.

Aura for the Cause: A Comprehensive Photographic Exhibit of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade
January 9-March 12, 2000
Photographs of American volunteers fighting 1937-1938 for the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War.


November 7-January 2, 2000
Judith Margolis and Ruth Schrier.

Contemplating the Sublime
August 29-October 31, 1999
Gilad Ben Artzi sculpture and Channa Horwitz drawings.

5 Painters
July 11-August 22, 1999
Nick Boskovich, Eric Holzman, Peggy Schaps, Frank Williams, Ursula Wolf-Rottkay.

Containers for Ideas: Form and Content in Clay
May 9-July 2, 1999
Philip Cornelius, Patrick Shia Crabb, Karen Koblitz, David Roesler.



Light Chambers
March 21-May 2, 1999
Deborah Lefkowitz site specific installation for Yom HaShoah.  “Jewish ritual involving light has always intrigued me, flickering candles that symbolically mark the passage of time – a week, a year of weeks, a lifetime.   I envisioned memory as a shaft of light that illuminates single moments from the continuous flow of time, and allows the past to inhabit the present.” DL

Drawing on the Figure
January 17-March 14, 1999
Elaine Marinoff, Ruth Snyder, Eugene Yelchin.

Dona Gracia Mendes and other paintings
November 15-January 10, 1999
Barbara Mendes.




Vanishing Visions: The Secret World of Anatoly Kaplan
October 11-November 8, 1998
In conjunction with a city-wide celebration of Yiddish language and culture.  Lithographs from the collection of Edward Goldman.

Lost and Found: Explorations in Assemblage
August 16-September 27, 1998
Beth Bachenheimer, Melisse Herman, Maddy Le Mel, Roger Marshutz, Frank Miller.



Photographic Visions of the Diaspora in Black and White
June 28-August 9, 1998
Sy Edelstein, Martha Fuller, Andy Katz, Joan Roth, David Wells.

Form and Concept: 1980-1998 Paintings and Sculplture
May 3-June 21, 1998
Artistic duo - Baila Goldenthal and Max Finkelstein.  This exhibit traces the evolution of their individual artistic careers through the influences of travel, art history, and the interpersonal history of their eighteen years together.



Sculptural Rhythms
March 22-April 26. 1998
Soonja Oh Kim, Connie Mississippi, Pat Warner work in aluminum and wood.


Ruth Rossman Retrospective
January 25-March 15, 1998

Artists of the Fine Arts Council
November 16-January 11, 1998
Pat Berger, Geri Bieber, Elizabeth Bloom, June Brott, Nita Corinblit, Max Finkelstein, Jack Flier, Sidi Gluck, James H. Jacobson, Rudi Jacobson, Mort Lampert, Lynda Levy, Jerry Novorr, Ruth Pordy, Victor Raphael, David Rose, Ruth Rossman, Helen Weinstein, Joseph Young.


Contemporary Expressions Hebrew Letters
September 28-November 9, 1997
Harry Clewans, Shirley Levine, Jane Logemann, Sara Novenson, Judith Peck.

Intimate Glimpses – Altered Realities
August 3-September 21, 1997
Painting, sculpture, photography by Dwora Fried, Mildred Kouzel, Belle Osipow.\

Art Was Their Life
June 22-July 27, 1997
Paintings of Carol Tolin and Harry Bornstein.

Celebrating 100 Years of Zionism
June 1-15, 1997
David Rose reports from the Jewish world with his drawings after returning from his visit to Israel.

Drawing on a Life
April 13-May 25, 1997
Ruth Weisberg's lithographs, etchings, and paintings.  Dean of the USC School of Fine Arts, Weisberg is one of Southern California's most prominent figurative artists and one of the nation's leading practitioners of traditional print media.  Her work is often characterized by a focus on dramatic figural imagery and a reliance on line enhanced with shade, texture, and other sensual qualities.

Myths and Transformations
March 2-April 6, 1997
Annette Bird and Morris Zagha.



Images of the Art World
January 19-February 23, 1997
Sylvia Shap and Rena Small.

Joseph Young: A Retrospective
November 10-January 12, 1997

Satire & Homage
September 8-October 28, 1996
Graphic works by Sidney Chafetz.

Creative Papercuts
August 18-September 1, 1996
Ruth Bale, Jack Flier, Judy Sturt Hollander, Leonie Janken, Monique Kass, Blanche Moss, Paula Moskowitz, Risa Mandelberg, Jerry Novorr, Sylvia Price, Donna Rothman, Barbara Snyder, Abigail Yasgur.

Speaking Out
July 7-August 11, 1996
Mariona Barkus and Sheila Pinkel.

No Shortage of Angels
May 12-June 30, 1996
Ceramics, works on paper, furniture and sculpture by Peter Shire.


Yom HaShoah: Remembrances of the Holocaust
March 31-May 5, 1996
An exhibition of paintings, sculptures and photographs by children of survivors.
Lucille Dratler, Sherry Karver, Elizabeth Lampert, Harry Lesch, Tom Wolver.

The Nature of Landscape
February 18-March 25, 1996
Gilah Yelin Hirsch and Patrick Percy.


A Harry Sternberg Retrospective
January 7- February 11, 1996
30 paintings and wood cuts featuring The Tallis series.

November 19-December 29, 1995
Paintings by Diane August, Sue Dirksen, Mathew Thomas.

Memories Revealed: The Jewish Experience in Historic Natchez
October 26-November 14, 1995
The Henry C. Norman Collection (1870-1920).  In this city wide exhibition the university will host a photographic retrospective of Jewish residents in the unique riverboat town of Natchez, Mississippi.

Cultural Exchanges
September 10-October 23, 1995
Jewish culture depicted from a Chicano perspective and Hispanic/Indian culture seen through Jewish eyes.  Multi-media work by husband and wife artists Frank and Nancy Romero.

Wendy Sussman, Paintings
June 25-August 23, 1995


New Work by Four Artists
April 23-June 18, 1995
Cirici, Ellen Rose, Rhoda Weissman, Betty Zucker.

Two Hungarian Artists
March 5-April 13, 1995
Levente Thury and Imre Amos.

New Light on Old Stones and Other Work
January 8-February 22, 1995
Photography by Gerda Mathan.

Fragments and Notations
November13-December 30, 1994
Deanne Belinoff and Sam Erenberg.

October 2-November 9, 1994
Paintings and sculptures by Lita Albuquerque.

Demons Too Have Parachutes
January 16-February 20, 1994
Collaborative works by Adi Yekutieli and Esther Zahn.

A Retrospective
December 1-January 9, 1994
Paintings by Ron Blumberg.

International Invitational Calligraphic Exhibition from Psalms
October 3-November 28. 1993
33 artists from the United States, England, Germany, Switzerland, and Israel.

Artists of the Fine Arts Council
September 1-September 26, 1993
Geri Bieber, Joan Carl, Nita Corinblit, Jack Flier, Sidi Gluck, Jim Jacobson, Mort Lampert, Lynda Levy, Jerry Novorr, Ruth Pordy, Herman Platt, Victor Raphael, David Rose, Ruth Rossman, Sagi Vas, Pearl Weiss.

Images Art as Tikkun: Healing and Transformation Calligraphy
July 14-August 29, 1993
Edna Miron-Wapner.

Women: Variations of Movement and Form
May 2-June 13, 1993
Jean Edelstein and Tanya Ragir.


Traditions: An Exhibit of Jewish Art and Craft
March 14-April 25, 1993
Marina Gotsban, Russian Folk Art; Wendy Rabinowitz, Weaving and Sculpture;
Mordechai Rosenstein, Prints and Tapestries.


Art of Life and Time
February 7-March 7, 1993
Atara Baker, Carol Goldmark, Kathi Martin, Judith Reifman.

4 directions
December 13-January 31, 1993
Hy Farber, Ilee Kaplan, Oscar Van Young, Jack Zoltak.


Children's Art for Peace: An Exhibit of Arab and Jewish Children's Art from Israel
November 8-December 6, 1992

Gretty (Israeli) Paintings
September 13-October 29, 1992

Robert Rauschenberg
April 26- May 22, 1992

Reflections and Remembrances
March 1-April 17, 1992
Julie Lavee and Gloria Longval.

Contrasts in Art
January 12-February 24, 1992
Paintings by Ahuva Szlimowicz and sculptures by Bernice Kussoy.

Past and Present/Roots and Realities
November 24-January 5, 1992
Paintings by Pat Berger and Franceska Schifrin.

October 9-November 15, 1992
Drawings by Jose Luis Cuevas.

Vanished but not Vanquished
September 4- October 7, 1991
Photos of a Jewish World what was by Arnold Eagle, Jacob Riis, Roman Vishniac.

Women Artists in History
July 18-August 30, 1991
Paintings by Merrilyn Duzy.

Works from Private Collections:
Contemporary Figurative Sculpture

May 2-May 29, 1991
Deborah Butterfield, Anthony Caro, Robert Graham, Yves Klein, Francois LaLanne, Roy Lichtenstein, Manuel Neri, Italo Scanga, George Segal, Joel Shapiro.


Sur-rational Paintings
March 17-April 28, 1991
Fritz Hirschberger.

Poetic Directions
February 3-March 10, 1991
Carol Perry Caddes, Andrea Moyers, Donna Salem, Norma Jean Squires.

Timeless Insights
December 16-January 27, 1991
Sylvia Glass, Richard Kamler, Mike Kless.

Reflections: Shadow of Desire, Light of Kabbala
November 4-December 9, 1990
Paintings of Abraham Pincas (Israeli)

Visual Concepts
September23-October 28, 1990
Joan Almond, James Arcatov, Matthew Cohen, Jay Kaufman, Daniel Silverman, Liz Whitty.


American Jewish Artists: Their Works of the 1930s and 40s
May 6-June 19, 1990
Edward Biberman, Aaron Bohrod, David Burliuk, Louis Eilshemius, Philip Evergood, Lorser Feitelson, Tully Fulmus, Todros Gellar, Boris Gorelick, William Groppper, Joseph Hirsch, Yehoshua Kovarsky, David Levine, Jack Levine, Louise Nevelson, Saul Raskin, Abraham Rattner, Ben Shahn, Burr Singer, Moses Soyer, Raphael Soyer, Max Weber, Ben Zion.

The Trial of Klaus Barbie
April 1-April 30, 1990
Courtroom sketches by David Rose.


Multi-Cultural L.A.
February 4-March 11, 1990
Milton Aviles (El Salvador), Migran Bardess (Armenia), Laza Fionkin (Yugoslavia), Arnoldo Garza (Mexico), Marjan Hormozi (Iran), Atanas Karpeles (Bulgaria), Leonard Konopelsky (Poland), Choong Keun Lee (Korea), Yolanda Londono (Colombia), Andres Montoya (Honduras), Xiao Hui Qiang (China), Hideo Sakata (Japan), Zinovy Shersher (Russia), Kenji Shiokava (Brazil), Girmay Tesfay (Ethiopia), Adi Yekutieli (Israel).

University of Judaism Collection of Chagall Lithograph Posters (1960s)
December 3-January 29, 1990


The Art of Albrecht Durer
November 4-November 28, 1989


September 24-October 30, 1989
Sagi Vas and Delores Berg.

Collective Works
May 11-June 23, 1989
Theresa Bernstein and William Meyerowitz.


April 9-May 9, 1989
Sculpture by Ahron Bezalel and paintings by Arnold Schifrin.


Recent Works
February 19-March 28, 1989
Brian May, Laurel Paley, Sylvia Raz.

Image in time: Through the Camera's Lens
January 9-February 14, 1989
Jane Gottlieb, Wayne Levin, Howard Rosenfeld, Morry Shechet.


Artists of the Book
November 13-December 23, 1988
Ben Bronson, Joel Rothberg, Arthur Sussman, Alice Zlotnick.

Fragments - Past and Present
October 2-November 7, 1988
Richard Bauer, Leonard Breger, Harry Cohen.

Biblical Hangings
May 4-June 8, 1988
In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the State of Israel, tapestries by Master Artist Kopel Gurwin.


Recent works
March 20-April 1988
Sami Briss and Arthur Secunda.


Recent Works
January 10-February 7, 1988
Kathryn Jacobi and Cynthia R. Ebin.

Different Worlds
November 15-December 30, 1987
Alex Ross and Yuval Golan.

October 11-November 8, 1987
A photographic essay by Leigh Wiener and George de Gennaro.

Artists of the Fine Arts Council
August 16-September 28, 1987
Kero Antoyan, Ardele Bloomquist, Joan Carl, Maryann Devine, George Feiner, Norma Flynn, Eda Henry, Harriet Hochberg, Joseph Mugnani.

The Art of Leonard Baskin
May 28-June 30, 1987

Israeli Scenes
March 29-May 8, 1987
Paintings by Joel Rohr.

Mogen Davids
February 1-March 23, 1987
Mixed media by Jerry Novorr.

December 7-January 26, 1987
Kalmon Aron.

October 15-November 26, 1986
Mildred Lapson and Sagi Vas.


Expressions in Handmade Paper
September 7-October 3, 1986
Linda Cesena, Cheryl Lommatsch, Peggy Conklin, Myron Melnick, Ann Dergara, Jessica Newman, Gladys Goldstein, Susan Singleton, Martha Ellen Holden, Michael Verlangieri, Lin Lipetz, Bruce Weinberg.

Five Decades
April 6-May 8, 1986
Architectural photography and more by Julius Shulman.


Serigraphs and Gouaches
February 9-March 30, 1986
Mordechai Rosenstein.

Geometric Abstraction
December 8-January 31, 1986
Marion Siciliano.


A Retrospective of the Works of Los Angeles Jewish Artists
November 3-November 29, 1985
Painting and drawings by Max Band, Boris Deutsch, Ted Gilien, and Peter Krasnow.


October 6-October 29, 1985
Hannah Brandt (Brazil).


June 1985
Rose Kuper.