Fall 2011 MBA Colloquium Series

Edward Grice

Edward Grice, Associate Dean, Graduate School of Nonprofit Management


Nina Lieberman, Dean, Graduate School of Nonprofit Management

Each year the Graduate School of Nonprofit Management presents its unique Colloquium Series in which students, alumni, and members of the public have the opportunity to learn from and network with top leaders in the nonprofit sector. Developed by Associate Dean Edward Grice to enhance the practical aspects of leadership development, the series features distinctive executives from philanthropic, business, and civic organizations who address current trends and discuss best practices.

This year’s series has covered the issues of hunger, capacity building (actions that improve nonprofit effectiveness), balancing the mission of a multi-service organization, relationship- based fundraising, and the homeless. Upcoming presentations will address how to increase the financial return on investments in human capital, marketing your cause, and building a career around principled social justice values. To learn more about these free presentations visit http://mba.aju.edu/Default.aspx?id=3777 and for more information about the MBA program, visit http://mba.aju.edu/ or contact Edward Grice, Associate Dean of the Graduate School of Nonprofit Management, at egrice@aju.edu or 310.440.1260.