Current Exhibit - Treasuring Treasures

Treasuring Treasures

American Jewish University
Marjorie & Herman Platt / Borstein Gallery
MAY 11 - JULY 27, 2014


Borislav Bogdanovich
Dave Fox
Tibor Gergely
Peter Krasnow
Greta Schreyer

Opening Reception:

Sunday, June 8th
3 - 5 PM


Join us at 3:00 pm for a reading of The Goldsmith's Daughter by Linda Schreyer. A discussion of legacy artists with Peter Frank, art critic, curator, and contributor to the Huffington Post, and Georgia Freedman-Harvey AJU Exhibition Curator.
Concurrent exhibit at the AJU Ostrow Library highlights the rabbinic wisdom found in the Pirke Avot and the tapestries of Philip Ratner.

Self Portrait, Tibor Gergely C.1928, Hungary
Oil on Canvas

Curator: Georgia Freedman-Harvey

Concurrent exhibit at AJU in the Ostrow Library The Human Form in the Bible

The Fine Arts Council of the American Jewish University  

PRESS RELEASE: Treasuring Treasures
The American Jewish University is pleased to present the exhibition, Treasuring Treasures, in its Platt/Borstein Galleries. The exhibit runs from May 11 to July 27, 2014. The public reception is Sunday, June 8th, from 3 to 5 pm and includes a reading of the original play The Goldsmith's Daughter by Linda Schreyer and a discussion with art critic and writer Peter Frank.

Treasuring Treasures celebrates the artwork of five legacy artists who all sought refuge in the United States. Here they flourished as artists. Their artwork continues to be exhibited and collected today. The exhibit also pays tribute to those who have taken on the task of caring for the work of these artists and making sure that their artistic legacies are not forgotten. It is in great part because of the dedication of Anna Bogdanovich, Rabbi Karen Fox, Linda Schreyer and Tobey Moss (Tobey C. Moss gallery) that the contributions of these artists are still remembered and treasured today. The lenders to the exhibit are much more than caretakers of the artwork, they continue to honor the artists and make it possible for the community to still view the work of this remarkable group of artists.

The artists in the exhibition came to this country between 1908 and 1939. Borislav Bogdanovich (1899 – 1970), Dave Fox (1920 – 2011), Tibor Gergely (1900 – 1978), Peter Krasnow (1887 – 1979) and Greta Schreyer (1970 – 2005). All of these artists would come to call the United States their adopted homes. Both Greta Schreyer and Dave Fox were honored in their lifetimes with exhibitions in Vienna, Austria. Borislav Bogdanovich was honored with an exhibition in Serbia after he passed away. Tibor Gergely would become one of Golden Books premier illustrators and his illustrations and fine art are continually requested for inclusion in exhibitions including the current exhibition Golden Legacy: 65 Years of Little Golden Books. The Butler Library at Columbia University is the repository for a vast number of his original book illustrations. The work of Peter Krasnow is represented in major museum collections. The Laguna Museum of Art has the largest collection of his work, over 500 pieces. All of the artists have work in museums and private collections across the United States and in Europe. Both Dave Fox and Peter Krasnow have had artwork exhibited at American Jewish University in their lifetime. Each of these artists and their stories are a treasure to be treasured.


  • Borislav Bogdanovich, (1899 – 1970), Serbia formerly Yugoslavia - Arrived in United States in 1939
  • Lent by Anna Thea Bogdanovich and The Bogdanovich Collection
  • Dave Fox, (1920 – 2011), Vienna, Austria - Arrived in United States in 1939
  • Lent by Rabbi Karen Fox and Michael Rosen
  • Tibor Gergely, (1900 – 1978), Budapest, Hungary - Arrived in United States in 1939
  • Lent from Linda Schreyer
  • Peter Krasnow, (1887 – 1979), Ukraine - Arrived in United States in 1908
  • Lent by Tobey C. Moss Gallery, Los Angeles
  • Greta Schreyer, (1917 – 2005), Vienna, Austria - Arrived in United States in 1939
  • Lent by Linda Schreyer

The exhibition is curated by Georgia Freedman-Harvey, curator for the Platt and Borstein Galleries.

Concurrently on view in the AJU Ostrow Library's Lowy-Winkler Rare Book Center will be an exhibition that presents the treasures of rabbinic wisdom found in the Pirke Avot (Sayings of the Fathers and mothers) and the tapestries of Philip Ratner.