For The Record Fall 10

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AJU Students Experience Unique Advantage

David Lennartz, Ph.D.When the number of students that apply to a graduate school is greater than the number of openings available, how does the school determine which applicants to accept? The Bioethics and Natural Sciences (BNS) Department at AJU, under the direction of  Chair, David Lennartz, Ph.D., offers enhancements that provide our graduates with significant advantages when applying to medical, dental, pharmacy and other graduate school programs.    


Jewish Education for an Ever-Thriving People

By Miriam Heller Stern, Ph.D.
Dean of the Fingerhut School of Education

Miriam Heller Stern, Ph.D.What's the key to forging Jewish identity in the next generation of Jews? That is the $64,000 question in Jewish life today (although the stakes are arguably much higher). We are by no means the first generation of Jews to ponder this dilemma. The great Jewish intellect Simon Rawidowicz famously described the Jews as "the ever-dying people," explaining that our unceasing concern for the impending demise of the next generation is the very reason we continue to thrive.  


Jahmy Graham, AJU Alumnus Awarded Prestigious Scholarship

Jahmy GrahamWe at AJU are always proud when one of our alumni is awarded a prestigious scholarship. Jahmy Graham, a BA/MBA alumnus, currently on full scholarship at Southwestern Law School, is now a California Bar Foundation Diversity Scholar as well. This year, with competition greater than usual and merit based on academic success and leadership aspirations, Jahmy was one of the few to win a maximum scholarship. As one of the California Bar Foundation's top scholarship recipients, Jahmy was selected as the Girardi & Keese Scholar, named after a prominent law firm based in Los Angeles.