Galleries and Gardens



Four Lines Oblique Up, Variation V

By George Rickey "Four Lines Oblique Up, Variation V" 1976 Stainless Steel On Loan: From the collection of Laura Waisler


 The Bather

By Anthony Caro "The Bather" 1987 Bronze 42" x 24" x 24" Donors: Purchased with funds from the Sculptor's Ball





By Aldo Casanova "Juncture" 1965 Bronze 9' High Donors: Honey and Julius Karosen


Action Causes More Trouble...

By Jenny Holzer "Action Causes More Trouble..." 1988 Marble Donors: Nancy Epstein and Sondra and Marvin Smalley




Two Open Triangles Up Gyratory

By George Rickey "Two Open Triangles Up Gyratory" 1983 Stainless Steel Donors: Yvette Fierstein, Bobbie and George Horn, Niki and Michael Hof\Vitch, Ginny and Arthur Kahn, Marcia and Howard Koff, Lenore and Ronald Lopaty, Bert and Harry Maron, Lois and Richard Neiter, Judy and Carl Schlosberg, Robert Schuster, and Louis Schuster


Spiral 123456789

By Sol Lewitt "Spiral 123456789" 1980 Epoxy on Aluminum 43" x 43" x 43" Donor: Marcia Weisman




Undetermined Line

By Bernar Venet "Undetermined Line" 1991 Steel 110" x 173" x 77" Donors: Patrons - Evelyn Alschuler and Susan AIschuler, Joan Borinstein and Pearl Borinstein, Gloria and Peter Gold, Marlene and Sandy Louchheim, Marcia and Richard Schulman, Toni Sherman, Judy and Donald Simon, Sondra and Marvin Smalley, Ralyn and Nathan Wolfstein. "Friends of the Smalley Garden" - Carol and Sheldon Appel, Sharleen and Martin Cohen, Bonnie and Fred Glantz, Bobbie and George Horn, Ronnie and Harold Schwartz



By Beverly Pepper "Untitled", 1975 Measuring approximately 90" -108" in height. Donors: Sondra and Marvin Smalley




Semper Fidelis

By Jay Willis "Semper Fidelis", 1984 Measuring 201 x 41 x 3' Donors: Sondra and Marvin Smalley



By Fletcher Benton Balanced-Unbalanced "Wedge/Arc" 1983 Cor Ten 29' x 13' x 13' Donors: Gloria and Jerry Lushing