Artist Reception for “Women in Space” to be held at American Jewish University

Platt and Borstein Galleries    



American Jewish University announced today that a mixed media exhibition, “Women in Space,” featuring the art of Diane Destiny, Merrilyn Duzy, and Norma Jean Squires, will be on display February 24 to May 16, 2008, in their Platt-Borstein Gallery. The public is invited to meet the artists at a free reception on Sunday, February 24, from 3 to 5 pm at the University, located at 15600 Mulholland Drive in Bel Air.

Cosmic space and dimension are explored combining traditional methods and new technologies. Diane Destiny creates many of her computer-generated images with the aid of and ink-jet large format printer. For her, the computer’s capability of duplicating images allows for a more intuitive and improvisational way of working. The images are captured using photography or actual objects places on the scanner, selecting all or part of several scans, the images are then manipulated into many layers, enhanced, partially erased, duplicated, painted and collaged. Destiny treats digital technology as one more way to expand the range in which to express her vision.

Merrilyn Duzy, in the Cosmic and Language Series, combines her interest in the universe, with its galaxies, stars, the quarks and quasars, universal languages and symbols with a spiritual aspect.  She uses impressions of the vastness of space and symbols that relate to humankind or other intelligent life forms that may exist.

Norma Jean Squires becomes an artist advocate when she describes the meaning of her work.  She states, “With a glimpse at the grand scheme of things (both microcosmic and macrocosmic) I want to draw the viewer into a deeper understanding – that we are all constituents of the whole and that, as such, we can and must heal ourselves and our earth.”

For more information about "Women in Space" or to schedule a guided tour, please call (310) 476-9777 ext. 201.


Diane Destiny 


Merrilyn Duzy 

"Cosmic Series#3(book open)" 

Norma Jean Squires