Light Chambers, Mar 21-May 2, 1999

Jewish rituals involving light have always intrigued me:
flickering candles that symbolically mark the passage of time
a week, a year of weeks, a lifetime. The same association between light and time applies to filmmaking: images flicker in the darkness and then expire, returning the viewer to the everyday world.
LIGHT CHAMBERS employs images from the film footage I shot in Germany for my documentary,
 INTERVALS OF SILENCE: Being Jewish in Germany, 
which focuses on the legacy of the Holocaust for both Jewish and non-Jewish Germans. I envision memory as a shaft of light that illuminates single moments from the continuous flow of time and allows the past to inhabit the present.
I am most grateful to Phil Auth, Victor Raphael, and Paul
Richardson for their assistance in creating this installation.
My special thanks also to Ginger Eaton and Emily Hui.