Information on the safety of the Brandeis-Bardin property

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Posted: November 15, 2016


November 15, 2016

The California Department of Toxic Substance Control has reviewed numerous studies including two from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) during the past 20 years and found that the Brandeis-Bardin Campus of AJU is safe.  This has been confirmed in writing in the attached letter written by the director of the Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC) to California State Assemblyman Matt Dababneh.  The letter reiterates that our property is safe consistent with a public statement made by DTSC at its November 5, 2015 Community Update meeting and again during its April 12, 2016 Community Update meeting.

This same letter to Assemblyman Dababneh includes statements regarding the Santa Susana Field Laboratory cleanup, since other adjoining properties, such as Bell Canyon, are also in the assemblyman’s district.  The DTSC director raises concerns for Boeing to address--concerns that are unrelated to our property.

We have also provided links to similar letters from DTSC sent to our neighbors such as Runkle Canyon, now being developed by KB Home, Dayton Canyon, being developed by Puelte Homes, and the city of Simi Valley. These letters also attest to the fact that activities on their properties are safe.

As has always been the case, AJU considers our primary responsibility to be the safety and wellbeing of our campers, staff, students, faculty and visitors.  Over the years we have participated in and will continue to participate in soil studies and other contamination studies and report our findings to you.

You will from time to time hear criticism from the media, political advocates or others, who express opinions that are not supported by the evidence.  We continue to believe that it is the scientists and experts at DTSC and EPA who should make judgments about the safety of the properties adjoining the Santa Susana Field Laboratory.  It is also they who should determine what steps should be taken to complete the clean up the Santa Susanna Field Laboratory including the properties controlled by Boeing, the Department of Energy and NASA.

AJU is confident that our Brandeis-Bardin property is safe, based on the long history of analysis that can be seen in the links on this site.  With regard to the cleanup of the Santa Susanna Field Laboratory our overriding concern is that our property and the property of our neighbors remain safe and available for their intended uses.

Robert Wexler Sig
Dr. Robert Wexler