For The Record Fall 12

For The Record

Rabbi Elliot Dorff Presents Paper
on Jewish Approach to War and Peace

Rabbi Elliot Dorff

Rabbi Elliot Dorff, Ph.D., AJU Rector and Sol & Anne Dorff Distinguished Service Professor in Philosophy, is a nationally acclaimed authority on ethics. Therefore, when he presents a paper, it receives international attention.

Most recently at an international conference on Jewish, Christian, and Muslim concepts of war, held in Israel and sponsored by the Philosophy department of Tel Aviv University, Rabbi Dorff presented a paper on Methods of Articulating a Jewish Approach to War and Peace.

Both Dorff and participating colleague, Michael Walzer of Princeton University, have written about a wide variety of political theory, moral philosophy, and ethics. At this conference, they both began with the same premise, namely that whatever sources exist on war and peace following the First Temple Period were written when Jews did not rule themselves and therefore, had no say in which wars to wage and how. They are therefore theoretical and not based on actual military experience.


AJU Student Ryan Bernhey
Changing the World,
One Lunch Bag at a Time

Ryan Bernhey

Ryan Bernhey, a senior in AJU's College of Arts and Sciences, is a powerhouse of optimism, work ethic, and goodwill. As the newly elected President of the Associated Students of American Jewish University (ASAJU), he is making an impact on the school and the greater community as well.

Bernhey, a political science major, aspires to one day become a local elected official who will generate change in his community, and he is getting good practice at AJU. His stated goal is to raise the standard of student government, and since becoming president, he has - along with the Associate Dean for Student Affairs - Campus Life, Julia Hubner - edited the ASAJU constitution and redefined the responsibilities of each board position. Under his watch, there has been an increase in the number and quality of student events.

Last year, Bernhey and Zach Friedensohn (a student at the time), decided that they wanted to give something back to Los Angeles, the city that offered them so much. They met with Sam Leavitt, an alumnus of AJU's Graduate School of Nonprofit Management, and the Senior Director of Facilities & Auxiliary Services at AJU, to brainstorm about helping the homeless. Because of AJU's commitment to Tikkun Olam (repairing the world), the school agreed to provide food, and the "Bag Lunches for the Homeless" project was born.


Fall 2011 MBA Colloquium Series

Each year the Graduate School of Nonprofit Management presents its unique Colloquium Series in which students, alumni, and members of the public have the opportunity to learn from and network with top leaders in the nonprofit sector. Developed by Associate Dean Edward Grice to enhance the practical aspects of leadership development, the series features distinctive executives from philanthropic, business, and civic organizations who address current trends and discuss best practices.

This year's series has covered the issues of hunger, capacity building (actions that improve nonprofit effectiveness), balancing the mission of a multi-service organization, relationship- based fundraising, and the homeless. Upcoming presentations will address how to increase the financial return on investments in human capital, marketing your cause, and building a career around principled social justice values.